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Wind energy sector

Wind energy sector

Drozapol-Profil in wind energy sector

The Board of Management, after few months of analyses and consultations with The Supervisory Board, entertained the activity which purpose is entering renewable energy sector, focusing on wind energy.
After signing the letter of intent considering purchasing wind farms with total capacity of 40 MW with Windprojekt Sp.        z o.o., we established two special purpose vehicles: DP Wind 1 Sp. z o.o. which bought the project of wind farm with capacity of 8 MW and DP Wind 2 Sp. z o.o. which bought the project of wind farm with capacity of 10 MW. Both wind farms will be located in opolskie district.
Currently Drozapol-Profil seeks financial partners and negotiates with general constructors and turbins supplier.

We invite general constructors, sub-contractors and potential investors to cooperation.

Wind energy in the world

Wind energy sector records dynamic development worldwide. Over the past ten to twenty years, wind energy has become an important electricity source in a number of countries. At the end of 2010 the aggregate global capacity of wind farms reached 196 630 megawatts. Despite the crisis, the current year has witnessed a 23,7% rise in capacity.
As one of alternative energy sources, wind energy constitutes an ecological substitute for fossil fuels and facilitates higher energy independence of individual countries.
China has become the top global wind energy producer. As for attainable capacity of wind power plants in Europe, Germany has been ranked first.
Source: Wind energy in Poland, TPA Horwath, November 2011

Wind energy in Poland

According to the data of the energy Regulatory Office, there are 488 wind energy installations in Poland with an aggregate capacity of 1480 MW (data as of 23 September 2011). Wind energy became  the leading industry in Poland in 2009, because of its generation capacity. In 2010 the capacity growth of wind farms in Poland increased by 52,3%.
Poland’s potential has been recognized, among others, in the Ernst & Young report on „Renewable energy country attractiveness indices” (August 2011). The report ranked Poland 10th in the world with regard to wind energy potential.
Source: Wind energy in Poland, TPA Horwath, November 2011

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